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Cairo Scenic Tours - 8 Days

Type of safari- Adventure Safaris , Destination - Egypt

Tour Summary

Day 1: Arrival at Cairo Airport
Visa, immigration and customs procedures with assistance from our representative. Transfer to the locally owned Windsor hotel in the heart of Cairo. The hotel is famous for being featured in many Hollywood movies. 
Day 2: A visit to the Egyptian Museum
This is an absolute must on a tour to Cairo. Your guide will take you through the history of Pharaonic Egypt with the help of the artifacts exhibited, from Narmer to Akhnaton and Ramses. Of course, the galleries with the treasures of Tutankhamon will be carefully explained.
After lunch you continue to the most famous sight in Egypt of course, the Pyramids at the Giza Plateau, dating back to 2500 B.C. One of the seven classic Wonders of the World, they are the oldest and the only remaining.

Day 3: Holy family’s flight to Egypt
You will discover the holy family’s flight to Egypt, about the first monks and monasteries and about how Pharaonic art and symbols made their way into the new religion. Then we visit the churches which provided shelter to the Holy Family after escaping Herodes.

You then continue to one of the most magnificent mosques of Cairo, El Rifai, where we will learn more about Islam. The mosque is also the burial site of among others King Farouq and the last Shah of Iran.

We end the Cairo tour in the oriental bazaar district called Khan El Khalili. While walking through this famous bazaar you can observe daily life and the oriental character of this place with its typical shops and cafés. You will have our lunch in a traditional restaurant in the middle of the bazaar.

Day 4 : Jeep transfer tout in the desert and Bahariya oasis
 An early morning jeep transfer out in the desert and Bahariya oasis where the landscape becomes spectacular in both color and structure.

Until 30 years ago Bahariya was very isolated, the fastest way to go to Cairo or the Nile Valley was with camel through the mountains to central Egypt, a journey that took several days. Nowadays you can find all necessities needed for a modern Egyptian society; petrol stations, schools televisions, but still it feels like coming a to another world back in time.

Most people in the oasis are farmers working on the fields; the same way they did for the last couple of thousands years and everywhere you go you will meet them in on their donkeys or cart always greeting you.

The hotel is built around a hot spring, 48 degrees red-brownish water that is lovely to sink into after a day of traveling or activities. A tranquil garden and roof terraces and real Egyptian home cooked food makes the stay here good for both body and soul.

Upon arrival in the oasis you go straight to the hotel to have lunch and then take a desert safari. You will be transported through sand dunes and black mountain tops with plenty of stops for the beautiful views, and sand dune climbs.

Late afternoon, just before sun set, you arrive in the White desert with its incredible lime stone and chalk formations. Our camp is put up deep into the whitest part. We enjoy the sunset and a barbeque by the camp fire. Our Bedouin drivers like to sing and often entertain us. Overnight Bedouin Camping (FB)

Day 5:  Return to the Oasis
You will wake up to see the beautiful sun rise and after a rich breakfast consisting of flat bread, eggs, white cheese, honey, brown beans and coffee and tea, that tastes specially good in the fresh desert morning, we are ready to return to the oasis.

On the way back you will visit the Black Flower Valley filled with corals and other fossils etc that have been wonderfully well kept from the time millions of years ago, when most of Egypt was under the sea. You will also visit the Crystal Cliff before being back in Bahariya around noon for lunch.

Check in at the hotel. There is a possibility for a camel ride and walks in the palm grove. A hot bath in the hotel spring in the evening feels wonderful. Overnight Hot Spring Hotel (FB)
Day 6 : Visit to the pharaonic
In the oasis a visit to the pharaonic sights is also recommended. You can visit some of the beautiful tombs and the well kept golden mummies, found as late as 1996.In the afternoon you may go for a walk in the palm groves or why not try a short camel safari.

Another night in Bahariya to enjoy the tranquility and company of the local inhabitants of the oasis. Overnight Hot Spring Hotel (FB)

Day 7: Drive back to Cairo
After breakfast a gentle drive back to Cairo for some free time.

Day 8: Departure
Breakfast in Cairo. Transfer to Cairo Airport. Departure to home destination.


Safari - Cairo Scenic Tours - 8 Days - GEAS - 1
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No. Of Tour Days 8 Days

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