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Sinai Camel Trek: 2 nights 3 Days

Type of safari- Camel Trek , Destination - Egypt

Tour Summary

Many hundreds of trekkers who have enjoyed an exceptional experience on these special and yet relatively unknown treks are the witnesses of the magnificence of this region and the professionalism of the trekking system.

Day 1: Mt Matamir/Into the heart of the Sinai   
Camel in Egypt You depart Dahab at around 08:00 travelling by minivan for 70km to reach the location where we will be met by out Bedouin hosts. All equipment will be loaded on to our camels. Many aspects of desert survival can be observed on a daily basis, from food preparation, camel handling, weather anticipation and general desert orientation.

Your trek starts heading towards the Rock of Inscriptions. The rock dates back to 200BC and shows how visitors from thousands of years ago recorded their passage in stone; these people are believed to be from the Nabataean period. At Nawamis you’ll travel back to the Bronze Age; these tombs date back around 5,500 years and lie lost in the almost uninhabitable desert. They were once believed to have been built for the protection against a plague of mosquito (according to biblical legend) but are in fact tombs that functioned at the end of the Timna period. These are the oldest standing buildings with their own roofs still intact to be found anywhere in the world. The tombs all face west towards the sunset, symbolizing the end of the sun with the end of life.

You’ll continue through the wadis until you reach beautiful Mt Matamir. This mountain of pillars has a very solid foundation and is approximately 900m above sea-level. Lunch is freshly prepared and cooked on location and you’ll enjoy the tranquillity of the area. The afternoon is a perfect opportunity to climb at the top of the mountain to admire the panoramic view on the surrounding desert. Descending our camp is set for the night, sheltered from the wind and sun.

Accommodation   Camping
Included meals    Lunch and dinner

Day 2:Gebel Barqa/Amazing landscapes and tales of the Bedouin   
Rising with the sun is always a good start to the day, and after breakfast you’ll load the equipment onto camels and set off on the next stage of your trek. Moving towards the mountain of Abuegaba you pause for lunch and a rest before reaching the unlikely-named Frozen Dinosaur mountain. This mountain is shaped like a pre-historic dinosaur; this occurred due to the wind erosion which in turn shaped the mountain a phenomena that can be seen in all the sandstone mountains of the Sinai.

The area in which the frozen dinosaur sits is called the Lawrence of Arabia Desert. It is a large, amazing expanse of open land of varying formations introducing dunes, rock sculptures, a great stillness and panoramic views. The desert floor is sprinkled with crystallized rock, desert herbs and the footprints of local wildlife. The surrounding sculpted mountains of limestone have been created through thousands of years of wind erosion and also contain many hidden caves.

After lunch you take the route towards Mount Barqa. The view from the summit of Gebel Barqa, approximately 1167m above sea level, is one of most spectacular in the Sinai. Setting what is a high camp you’ll spend the evening gazing at the Milky Way and listening to the tales of the older Bedouins.
Accommodation    Camping
Included meals    Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 3: Sand dunes of Hadoudah    
Today is dedicated to the soft white sand of the Sinai, rolling down the dunes and exploring the deepest part of El Barga before joining the asphalt road to head back to Dahab at the end of afternoon. On your way you’ll have the chance to climb on the highest sand dunes in Sinai: Hadoudah and Haddoudeh. Our cameleers will end the trek as ever at the slow pace of all desert dwellers, easing the return to the town. You’ll arrive back in Dahab by around 17:30.

Included meals    Breakfast and lunch

Safari - Sinai Camel Trek: 2 nights 3 Days - GECT - 1
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No. Of Tour Days 3 Days

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