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Desert Dweller Camel Trek: 5 nights 6 Days

Type of safari- Camel Trek , Destination - Egypt

Tour Summary

On this Desert Dweller Safari, you will actually trek into the heart of the desert on camel and by foot.

Day 1: Wadi Ghilim/ Start your desert safari   
Camel Trek in EgyptLeave from the hotel at 13:00hrs and drive by car into the accessible part of the Sinai, where your camels will be waiting. The Bedouin Sheikh of the area and his family are located at Nawamis, an ancient worship ground dating back to around 3000BC. From here you shall head into the desert and set up camp at Wadi Ghilim, approximately 2hrs camel trek away. Dinner is served around the fire, with tales from the elder Bedouins, music and singing. Tonight you’ll sleep under the star in your open Bedouin tent or private dome tents.

Accommodation :Camping
Included meals    Dinner

Day 2: Ein Hudra To Ein Hudra   
After breakfast all equipment is loaded onto the camels, and you move northeast on the route which leads to Wadi Rum. Continuing on towards Ein Hudra you descend into the valley from a location offering a superb view of the whole oasis. Ein Hudra is an ideal place to camp, with spectacular surrounding desert to explore. Wadi Hudra is a wide valley of sandstone mountains, with a natural sculpture called the Frozen Rock created by wind erosion. Sand dunes can be found in abundance and the wildlife of the region varies from the desert fox and gazelle to wild goats and chirping wheatears. Dinner is prepared and cooked on the open fire, with another evening under the stars.
Accommodation :Camping
Included meals    Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 3: Wadi Zaranig     Beyond Mt Matamir to Wadi Zaranig   
Rising with the sun is always a good start to the day and after breakfast you’ll head out in a southerly direction entering the colourful limestone area of Mt Matamir, with mountains soaring to 1000m, sand dunes and narrow canyons. The view from the summit is spectacular, and is an optional climb while lunch is being prepared. After lunch your trek continues on to Wadi Zaranig, an excellent location for relaxation given its vast openness and high plateau’s. Camp is set up, dinner served and you settle down for an evening of relaxation listening to Sinai folktales.

Accommodation: Camping
Included meals    Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 4: Sinai Eco Lodge     Trek to our eco-lodge   
Today you trek further south, approximately 1 hr through the sand dune area of Bir Safra, which takes its name from a fresh water well. It is here that, our eco-lodge has been set-up, home to a family from the Mezzaina Bedouin tribe. Bir, directly translates as “well”, and is a strong factor in choosing a location in which to settle. Daily life revolves around this point and is crucial to any camp. You’ll be warmly welcomed and find it easy to interact with family members and adopt an understanding of their way of life and how the deal with living in such an environment. A garden of fruits, plants and foodstuffs for the livestock has been cultivated on the site and you will have to opportunity to offer aid and knowledge to the project. Dinner is taken in the traditional style - platters of food laid out and everyone sat around eating from communal dishes. After dinner the evening is spent relaxing around the fire and going over the events and activities of the day. Accommodation : Camping
Included meals    Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 5: Sinai Eco Lodge A day with the Mezzaina   
The second day within our eco-lodge gives you a further in-depth look at the life of the Bedouin and their traditional values and covers the duties of both men and women: bread making, beading and needlework, food preparation, and social gatherings where current affairs are discussed with the sheikh and the men of the tribe. After lunch you’ll head off into the “Laurence of Arabia”-style desert, an amazing expanse of diverse landscape, introducing, dunes, rock sculptures and a great stillness along with panoramic views. Dinner is prepared and served around the camp fire, and you enjoy your last evening sleeping under the stars.Accommodation   
Included meals    Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 6: Through the dunes of Hadoudah
After breakfast you’ll trek through a spectacular area of dunes called Hadoudah, the largest and highest dunes in the Sinai. Lunch is taken within the valley and after time to relax you move towards the road which leads back to Dahab.
Included meals    Breakfast and lunch

Safari - Desert Dweller Camel Trek: 5 nights 6 Days - GECT - 2
No. of Pax
Prices (USD) Per Person Sharing (PP) Per Day
Total Cost (Tour days x Price of Per Person Sharing)
No. Of Tour Days 6 Days

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