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Elgon Trekking: Sipi Trail: 4 nights 5 Days

Type of safari- Mountain Climbing Safaris , Destination - Uganda

Tour Summary

The Rwenzoris, or the "Mountains of the Moon", have a celebrated beauty. Shrouded almost perpetually in mist, they have a seducing, eerie quality that led to many wondrous tales about them through the ages.

Day 1 – From Kapkway to Tutum Camp (2667m)
In the morning from Mbale, passing via Sipi, you reach Kapkway Exploration Center, UWA headquarter. After arranging the guide and porters, with food and camping gear, you start walking up to Tutum Cave Camp (2667m) through montane and bamboo forest. Tutum cave is spectacular hidden within the forest. Dinner and overnight. Distance of the day: 11 km. Altitude of the day: 900m.

Day 2 – From Tutum Camp to Kajeri Camp (3383m)
After breakfast proceed the hike to Kajeri Camp (3383m) for dinner overnight. Distance of the day: 17 km. Altitude of the day: 900m.

Day 3 – From Kajery Camp to Mude Camp (3.500m)
After breakfast walk sloping down after Muyembe cam to Mude cave Camp (3.500m), where you join the Sasa Trial. Dinner and overnight. Distance of the day: 25 km. Altitude of the day: 120 m.

Day 4 – From Mude Camp to Wagagay Peak (4321 m) and return to Mude
After breakfast you walk through the moorland zone up to the main peak, Wagagai, and return to the Mude campsite for dinner and overnight. Distance of the day: 18 km. Altitude of the day: 820m.

Day 5 – From Mude Camp descend to Budadiri
The trekking ends descending to Budadiri, the gate of the national park nearby Mbale.

Safari - Elgon Trekking: Sipi Trail: 4 nights 5 Days - GUMC - 03
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No. Of Tour Days 5 Days

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