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Africa Country Information
Africa is the land of unlimited adventure and unimaginable natural beauty. It is a continent that attracts millions of tourists form all across the world.
Uganda, South Africa, Zanzibar,Egypt,Rwanda, Malawi, Seychelles
Africa Overland TripsAfrica Overland Trips
Overland safari tours is still the most exicting and economical way of travelling through africa
Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi South Africa
Africa Camel Trekking SafarisAfrica Camel Trekking Safaris
Unforgettable Camel Trekking Experience around Africa Deserts Kenya, Egypt
Africa  Beach HolidaysEast Africa Excursions
Several short safaris and excursions are available for those who have a limited time to see the African attractions Nairobi,Mombasa,Zanzibar
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Africa Cultural Safaris
Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt
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Kenya, Uganda
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Kenya, Tanzania
Kenya Travel Information
Kenya is a peaceful nation so, feel comforted and free always though exercising common sense at all times. Carry your valuables on you and never entrust them to somebody’s care unless responsible senior hotel staff, where we have safes then utilize the facilities.

Kenya shares borders with Ethiopia in the north, Sudan in the northwest, Uganda in the west, Tanzania in the south and Somalia in the northeast. To the east lies the Indian Ocean. The country is divided into four regions: the arid deserts of the north; the savannah lands of the south; the fertile lowlands along the coast; and highlands in the west, where the capital Nairobi is situated. Northwest of Nairobi runs the Rift Valley, dotted with lakes and containing the town of Nakuru, while further west the Aberdare National Park is overlooked by Mount Kenya (5,200m/17,000ft), which also is a national park. In the far northwest is Lake Turkana (formerly Lake Rudolph), and in the southwest is Kenya's share of Lake Victoria.

Kenya is a multicultural society; in the north live Somalis and the nomadic Hamitic peoples (Rendille, Samburu and Turkana), in the south and eastern lowlands are Kamba and Masai and the Luo live around Lake Victoria. The largest group is the Kikuyu who live in the central highlands and have traditionally been dominant in commerce and politics, although this is now changing. There are many other smaller groups and, although Kenya emphasises nationalism, tribal and cultural identity is a factor. A small European settler population remains in the highlands, involved in farming and commerce.

Republic. Gained independence from the UK in 1963.

Head of State : President Emilio Mwai Kibaki since 2002.

Recent History: President Mwai Kibaki claimed victory in controversial presidential elections in December 2007. His swearing-in for a second term in office prompted a wave of unrest across the country and 300 people were killed in the bloodshed that followed the polls. Opposition candidate Raila Odinga rejected Kibaki's victory and accused the government of rigging the result. International observers also expressed doubts about the poll, and called for an independent enquiry.

When President Kibaki's National Rainbow Coalition (Narc) won a parliamentary majority in 2002, he promised that his main objective would be to fight against corruption. However, both former and current ministers have become embroiled in a recent corruption scandal, involving a multi-million dollar scam. Furthermore, voters rejected a draft constitution in a referendum in late 2005. While the president presented it as a modernising measure, his opponents said that it would have left too much power in the hands of the president. Kibaki responded by sacking his entire cabinet and appointed new ministers.

Kiswahili is the national language and English is the official language. The terms Swahili and Kiswahili are used interchangeably, though the term Swahili normally refers to the people while Kiswahili refers to the language. There are over 42 ethnic languages spoken, including Kikuyu and Luo.

Mostly traditional but there is a sizeable Christian population (both Catholic and Protestant) and the majority of people living along the coast are Muslim.

220/240 volts AC, 50Hz. Plugs are UK-type square three-pin.

Kenya's climate is fairly warm throughout most of the country. However, most of the country is at altitude, which means hot, sunny days - with strong sun - and cool to cold nights. Exceptions to this are the coastal belt and the northern parts of Kenya, which are generally arid and hot.

Kenya Safari Attractions
Maasai Mara National Park, Aberdares National Park, Tsavo East National Park, Tsavo West National Park, Lamu, Nairobi City, Mombasa City, Malindi.

Health: - Take anti-malarial medicine as pwer your doctor’s advice from home for Kenya is a tropical country and Malaria is common

Water:- Always drink bottled/mineral water with tap water mainly for general cleanliness.

Currency: The Kenya currency is liberalized so is freely changed at banks, forex bureaux and at hotels. The exchange rate is always equated to the U.S dollar with he prevailing rate of the moment. Also U.S dollars must be from 2000 and above series.

Photography: This is very much allowed but with restriction of the following areas: - Airports plus Airstrips, security personnel in uniforms, members of the public without consent.

Smoking: Nairobi and some other town centers are non-smoking centers with very limited smoking zones.

Tipping:- This is a norm in the tourism a industry in Kenya and is always highly appreciated though at your own discretion on the amount tipped.

Donation food to animals:
- Never give food/any eatables to wildlife in the park for this might cause sickness to animals which in turn will be ferocious.

Buying:- Always hackle/bargain the prices in your most buying circumstances though in supermarkets, shopping malls have fixed prices on items.

Africa Culture & People
Learn more about exciting culture and people of East Africa and South Africa, their religion andlanguages , click the following countries to view information about the People and their different Cultures:
Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda , Seychelles,South Africa, Rwanda, Malawi,Egypt
Africa Maps
Kenya, Tanzania ,Uganda ,Zanzibar, Seychelles,South Africa ,Rwanda Malawi ,Egypt
Africa Top Safari Destinations
Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Tsavo, Mt Kenya- Kenya
Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Mt Kilimanjaro- Tanzania
Bwindi, Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls - Uganda
Kruger park, Cape Town - South Africa
Mahe Island - Seychelles
Cairo - Egypt
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Africa beach Holiday destinations a rustic paradise to enjoy
Kenya, Zanzibar, Seychelles
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Enjoy the 7th Wonders of the world

Kenya, Tanzania
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Kenya, Tanzania
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