Africa is huge and it contains a mesmerising array of animals. One creature that holds a particular fascination is the mountain gorilla. This magnificent beast is the real king of the jungle and is among the closest animals to humans on a genetic level. Indeed, it is surpassed in this respect only by bonobos and chimpanzees. To see these impressive primates in their natural habitats, our Mountain Gorilla Safari will be the perfect way to experience the wonder associated with them.


Mountain gorillas being the largest species of primates are ground dwelling and predominantly herbivores. Their social groups are complex and their behaviour is highly sophisticated and truly remarkable to witness.
Securing permission to run gorilla safaris is a long and difficult process. As a reputable safari company, we believe in a non-invasive, selective form of tourism that involves creating a magnificent holiday experience around permitted trekking into the gorillas’ habitat. Access is heavily regulated to interfere as little as possible with the gorillas’ natural way of life.


We use specially trained local guides to make sure all gorilla treks are authorized, safely regulated and within boundaries set by various wildlife foundations and the government. Africa Safari Classics supports preservation of gorilla habitats and we are happy to operate sanctioned, carefully planned gorilla treks to see one of nature’s most eminent animals in its natural home.

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